PPCDL Top Hits

1) Article on how you can pass your PPCDL practical at first attempt


2) Article providing the PPCDL theory test “10-year series” (with answers provided)


3) Article providing the PPCDL theory test “10-year series” (without answers; so as to test yourself before the actual exam)


4) A touching letter from one of our first readers. Appreciate it. Thanks.


*** PS. Do read through other articles under the category of PPCDL especially.They should prove quite useful. Also I would appreciate it if you notice any changes made to the PPCDL theory test and practical test elements. Thanks in advance.

All the best.

***limited offer for iuboating readers


2 thoughts on “PPCDL Top Hits

  1. Hi!

    I’m just thinking of going to get my PPCDL since i’ve just been hired by an Outdoor Adventure company – your website seems to be the right place to have come to!

    Just wondering, is there a more recent ’10-year series’ that has come out since the 2010 one? Or is that the latest?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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