About iuboating

iuboating is created to achieve 3 things:
1. Help more people get their boating license, in particular, PPCDL (Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License), Boater Education Card etc. & Sailing-related materials.
2. Engage, Enlighten, Inspire & Empower ordinary people to live their boating dreams.
3. Now everyone (don’t need to be multi-millionaire) can go boating!!!

*** Please do subscribe to this wordpress site. There shall be some interesting news coming up. Watch this space.



15 thoughts on “About iuboating

  1. Hi there,

    Whilst mugging for the PPCDL, I created a visual library of navigational lights under almost all situations under the International Regulations. If you think it might be useful to readers of your blog, please feel to use it.


  2. Thanks to your invaluable help, I passed both my theory and practical exams on the first try! (Perfect score on the practical test, even) And right in time for the arrival of my boat! Hope to catch you on the docks one day. It would be an absolute pleasure to take you for a spin on my new boat! Thanks!

  3. Hi, I am holding a French boat license and looking for getting a power boat in Singapore. Would you know if I to refresh or pass all over again to get the Singapore PPCDL? Thank you,

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