Comments from a reader, congrats!

3 words – thanks, thanks and THANKS!!! The hubs and I just went for the theory test and we both passed (1st attempt for us)! Thanks for sharing your tips and the mock questions! =)

Just to reiterate your tips for future students, do not skip studying your text/notes. Know your beacons and islands! All the best to the rest of you.

Onwards to practical now! *yeeksss*


4 thoughts on “Comments from a reader, congrats!

  1. Thanks iuboating!! Just passed my handling test on 18-Aug-12, v close shave, remember to release all 3 ropes, i missed out on the forward rope, mistaken the middle rope as stern rope

    plus the navigational lights are on top of the boat, nt the sides like the picture, haha, i was looking high & low for them

    ganbateh everybdy & best of luck~~

    hope everybdy who went last Saturday passed~~

  2. hi. i would like to thank you for this website!
    i passed my theory on the first try and my practical on the third.
    the ten year series mcq is very close to the exam qns.
    the word doc from another reader is very useful and organized. hard to miss out anyting on the pre sailing check
    capt zul is very friendly and patient. going to rsyc for refresher is the right thing to do. cos the water condition is different else where.
    i would recommend to book a few session of the practical exam on the same day. save on travelling if u fail the first session and max out the refresher session the day before.
    thnk you!! elated!

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