Another reader obtained his PPCDL on 1st attempt. Congrats!

Thanks to iuboating for sharing the experience. I pass both the theory and practical on the first attempt.

My tester was quite friendly and reasonable. His focus was to make sure that I understand the safety and general handling aspect of boating. Just a few tips to add:

1) make sure u know how to use the kill switch. Remove the end connected to the key and attached to your life vest. Know what is use for.

2) hart transponder. Know that it’s purpose is for security and emergency. In case distress signal is pressed accidentally, check the security code pasted below the helm for the numbers to call.

3) mob drill. Make sure u know the immediate actions; throttle down, check and confirm the side mob occur and turn into the person. Should slide the buoy down the side instead of throwing.

4) berthing. Always approach at angle about 30 degrees. Going parallel will have risk of boat colliding with jetty or other boats if wave or wind hits.

5) prime fuel before starting engine when cold start.

6) systematically check the boat from bow the stern or vice versa to be more efficient.
***limited offer for iuboating readers


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