Why now is the best time to get your PPCDL License?


A video of fast sailing in Sg waters…

A friend whom I met at a wedding lunch told me that he is keen to get his power boat license (or PPCDL license). I replied saying, “Why not now?”

In fact, I personally feel now is the best time to get your PPCDL licence. Why? Below are 5 main reasons:

1. It could become more expensive to obtain the PPCDL in future due to rising demand and inflation.

2. It could be more difficult to pass the PPCDL, especially the handling test, due to more people applying for it and the authorities ultimately deciding to limit the number of licenses issues at any specific time.

3. Who knows? COE being applied to PPCDL & owning a boat in future?

4. More marinas are now available in Singapore compared to 10 years ago. Hence there would be more opportunities to partake in boating & sailing. Now even the famous Volvo Ocean Race has come to Asia.

5. Why not just get it and get it off your chest! 🙂

And I believe with the economic uncertainty now in Europe, US; which affects Asia as well, it is a buyers’ market in the boating scene. Time to scout around!


6 thoughts on “Why now is the best time to get your PPCDL License?

  1. I got only 10 points for handling, i had a small bump on the berth and it was not too hard because a swell suddenly came up, the interview was bull shit, if this was a practical handling session, why was there so much theory questions like what lights would you see on the port side? dude, he never said it was a 40 feet boat that requires 2 mast head lights. he minus 7 points, after which if on a head on collision, i said move to starboard after sounding the horn and assuring it was ok. he marked me down another 7 points? reason? there are idiots on the sea that does things last second? i was like wtf?

    • Sure Ian.
      With your sailing experience, it should be easier for you
      when it comes to berthing/unberthing & MOB.
      Just have to note the theory test (which requires 26 out of 30 for a pass).

      I just came back from a 5-day RYA competent crew course.
      Confirmed my decision of getting a sailboat versus a powerboat.
      What model do you currently own?


      • Thanks for your reply

        Yes i think the practical should be ok – i would like to take the test using my own 3.5 mtre dinghy and outboard if that’s possible
        I have heard that the theory test is in fact just a memory test

        Do you know where can i get some past exam papers to start “learning” ?

        My Boat
        I launched s/y Carlisle Spirit (UK registered) in 2011. She’s a 59 ft blue water cruiser by Carlisle Yachts. She is a Pieter Beeldschnijder design (see http://www.pieterbeeldsnijder.nl/pages/emenulist.aspx?m=sailingy&cm=414 for some of the truly fabulous boats he has built )

        She was constructed by the same yard which has manufactured more than 1500 Tayana’s over the past 40 yrs. She is fully CE compliant. I used a Lloyds registered surveyor to assist me in working with the factory, throughout her build

        Currently in Phuket – on her way to Singapore next week i hope . Normally berthed at One 15 Marina where i am a member

        ** Pls let me know how to get the PPCDL test papers ?

        While technically i don’t need it ( with a foreign registered boat), it doesnt hurt to be locally compliant

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