6 ways to “own” a boat and go boating/sailing! :)

Was talking to a seasoned sailor today on his new 41-footer sailboat. And we spoke of ways to own a boat and go sailing/boating.

Here are the 6 ways to “own” a boat and participate in the boating lifestyle:

1) Buy a boat

This is the most obvious and straighforward way of owning a boat. Of course, you can choose to fully own a boat; or co-own a boat with 2-3 friends. Many buy million-dollar boats and got nobody to sail with. Sad. So one way to ensure you will not be lonely is to go into co-ownership. Of course, I am sure co-ownership has its own set of problems as well.

2) Sign up for a boating/sailing course

Well, the next way to start sailing would be to sign up for a course. RYA offers many courses, including competent crew course, various levels of skipper course, twilight cruises, and even clipper courses to prepare you for round-the-world clipper races. This way should be the fastest in getting skilled at sailing. But it does come with its costs, especially for world-recognised courses.

3) Be in charge/Be an instructor

This could take some time. But there are people whose passion is in sailing. Some started as young as 7 years old; and already becoming sailing champions at a tender age of 13-14 years old. Gosh. And by the time they reach their twenties/thirties, they could well be sailing instructors. And you sail for free! 🙂 And get paid too.

4) Rent/Charter a boat

This is usually hassle-free. You rent a boat and it may or may not come already with a skipper. And after the rental period, you don’t have anything to do with the boat anymore. And you can actually have various experiences on various different brand and type of boats.

5) Be useful

Whether you are good at cooking (at sea! It’s a different ball game. Heard of some ladies being able to participate in the famous Volvo Ocean Race just because they know how to cook on rocking boats!) or cleaning or better still repairing engines/electrical equipment, if you can add some value to the skipper, you will be welcomed to sail together.

6) Last but not least,… Marry someone with a boat!

This is by far the shortest cut you can find in getting to sail.

Whatever way, start visualizing and act on it. Soon you can leave land, away from the hassle, and into the free ocean.



Photo credit: Daniel Forester, Volvo Ocean Race


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