More are benefitting from this “iuboating” site – A touching letter from a reader …


How may I address you?
I am truly inspired by your determination and pure hard work on this PPCDL,
Lot of infos in your blog is very helpful in mentally preparing for the practical test.

In fact, after reading through your blog, I passed my theory the next round,
That Is, after 5 rounds and my medical is only 1 month away from expiry, nearly
Took 2 years to pass only theory.

The practical was one time only, I read the info in the blog & practice mentally repetitiously till
The exam day. Went for 3 hours of refresher split into 2 separate days just before the
Test date.

Thanks for your inspiration, it’s contagious.


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& this is my reply…

“Hi ,

I am so happy for you!

One of my main objectives for writing this blog is to help more people get
their boating license, in particular, PPCDL. This is because I realized that
there are many people out there who actually can pass the test faster, and
with more ease & less stress.

, thanks for believing in the methods written and actually putting them into
good use. I always believe that success in anything is not just about how hard
you work but how much you believe!!! Yes, people thanked me for giving detailed
instructions & tips but only those who believe they CAN pass & SHALL pass will
get their PPCDL the moment they made that crucial decision.

Thanks. Continue to apply the power of belief and mental rehearsal to other
parts of your life, be it earning that first million dollars, getting that dream car, living
in your dream house, dream wife (if not married :), and anything else.

God bless. Looking forward to hearing you get that dream boat of yours :)”

You can get anything you want if only you BELIEVE


2 thoughts on “More are benefitting from this “iuboating” site – A touching letter from a reader …

  1. Hi to you,

    I am a believer of god too, I guess that is how we can first connect?
    I was googling PPCDL as i came across a groupon promotion, $168 for 2 day boating license course through maritime education and training services punggol. Do you think it’s good to try that out? Or should i try other more reputable ppcdl licenses providers.

    I read all in your blog and it is indeed very encouraging. I have downloaded your free ten year series for theory although i have not even signed up for the course yet. I am still thinking. I believe getting a boating license will help me in many ways, therefore i am really considering.

    Just wanna say hi and to thank you for creating such a beautiful site. =)

    Shawn Ho Shawn

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