Research Finds Boaters and Their Families are Healthier, More Confident
An estimated 59 million Americans are expected to go boating to enjoy the peace and relaxation that comes from time spent on the water aboard a boat. Beyond spending quality time with family and friends there are many unexpected benefits to owning a boat.
A survey conducted by Discover Boating and Russell Research in 2007 found boaters expressed a greater degree of satisfaction in several key areas of life than their non-boating counterparts. Boaters rated better in physical fitness and overall health, leadership abilities, the performance of their children in school, even their love lives.
“Spending time with your family and friends aboard a boat is one of life’s most pleasurable pursuits and now there’s data that indicates boating’s benefits stay with you long after the experience is over,” said Pepper Schwartz, PhD, sociologist and relationship expert. “Anyone looking for a new way to enrich their time together with family and friends will find boating is an outstanding choice.”
The survey, which polled more than 1,000 boaters and non-boaters, found the perks of boating extend well beyond the docks. Boaters expressed greater satisfaction with their physical fitness and overall health, as well as the physical fitness and health of their children. Given the number of outdoor activities boaters enjoy once they set sail, such as fishing, scuba diving and wakeboarding, it’s no wonder they’re more pleased with their active lifestyles than those who remain land-locked.
Taking the helm and assuming the role of captain may also foster leadership qualities that stay with a boater. Boaters said they were more satisfied with their leadership abilities at work and among their friends than non-boaters, skills that can be developed charting a course on the high seas.


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