Why “iuboating”?

Thanks Shawn.

Just thought of encouraging and helping more people pass their PPCDL & get their boat license. During one trip to Poly Marina to view the test site, I saw people crying after their practical test (must have failed) & grown men (in their 40s-50s) looking disappointed & some of these guys have failed twice already for their practical. I hope this “iuboating” site can save some people from continuous emotional trauma.

& on one of the websites (I think it was “REACH”), a lady was complaining that different instructors at different clubs teach differently during the PPCDL course. There is no standardization at all (unlike our driving tests for cars). Some do not even get the chance to view the Practical Handling Assessment Checklist which testers use to rate the people taking the practical test! I find that rather disturbing. Through this “iuboating” site, the aim is to help people out there start on a level-playing field & not get penalized because they do not know what is provided out there.

I just passed last Sat & learning the ropes of boating. Planning to get a boat some time next year. I guessed we’ve come a long way from “If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it” kind of mentality to boating, especially in the Western countries. But I discovered that many in Asia still have this connotation that boating is reserved for the super-rich like the Shaw family. My mum belongs to one of them. She was shocked to hear that I’m planning to get a boat. This was despite the fact that I have bought other even bigger-ticket items for the past few years! “iuboating” is set up also to change this traditional perspective. The only way is through education. I believe that boating should be for everyone, and not solely dependent on whether they have deep pockets. Though I’m not exposed to boating until only recently, I feel that boating should be enjoyed especially by people living in highly-stressed Asian societies (which is oftentimes a concrete jungle).

Thanks Shawn. I am still learning. And to all the experienced boaters out there, please help to share your experience at this site or email to iuboating@gmail.com for me to post your articles.

Why “iuboating”?
Because boating should be for u & I; boating should be for everyone.

Earth is 71.1% water. It should be shared and enjoyed by u & i.



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