PPCDL Theory Test – “10 year series” Mock Questions FREE

PPCDL Theory Test – “10 year series” Mock Questions with Answers


Follow these steps please: I did and scored 29 out of 30 for my first attempt.

1. Do ALL the questions ONE time.

2. During this first time, refer back to your notes where the answers can be found. (This teaches/shows you what areas to focus on studying for the theory test.)

3. Study your NOTES.

4. Do ALL the questions SECOND time. Closed book. Without the answers. (email iuboating@gmail.com for the file without highlighted answers please)

5. See your score (total of 165 questions, you should score AT LEAST 143, which is equivalent to 26 out of 30. You score 25, you FAIL!)

6. Revise NOTES again on your weak area.

7. Continue steps 4-6 UNTIL you score 152 marks and above.

***limited offer for iuboating readers


10 thoughts on “PPCDL Theory Test – “10 year series” Mock Questions FREE

  1. Thanks for the useful advice. I pass the theory yesterday on the first try (28/30). Next step is to go for the practical. 🙂

  2. 3 words – thanks, thanks and THANKS!!! The hubs and I just went for the theory test and we both passed (1st attempt for us)! Thanks for sharing your tips and the mock questions! =)

    Just to reiterate your tips for future students, do not skip studying your text/notes. Know your beacons and islands! All the best to the rest of you.

    Onwards to practical now! *yeeksss*

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  4. Thank you so much for the post! I read this yesterday at about 220pm. Test was at 7pm. went thru 1.5 rounds. i scored 26/30! what can I say… It works!

    Thanks Dude!

  5. Hi thanks for the post, took your advice, took the test last night, read it through twice scored 29 out of 30. Very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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