PPCDL Practical Test – Commencement of your Practical Handling – UNBERTHING

Commencement of your practical test. All test boats are alongside portside. Always use minimum speed and minimum steering.

……………       … ………..        … ……………
No: 3 boat        No: 2 boat         No: 1 boat

Stone slipway of RSYC marked by the 2 yellow & blue poles. This is the danger zone.

The test boats lying portside towards the jetty

U must turn the boat stern into the end of this wooden frame fenders


Unberthing: Always go astern to bring out the boat.

Ask your lookout to check the stern surroundings, U must also check and see the stern is clear.
Lookout let go the stern line and then let go the forward line, then line at beam.
1. Put the wheel hard over towards the sea area, engines astern. Bring out the stern.
2. As soon as the boat starts going astern adjust the steering so the bow doesn’t come into contact with the berth.
Once boat is out of the jetty put engines ahead and proceed away from the berth.

***What if U are assign to No 2? How are U going to unberth? U have 1 boat in front N 1 boat behind u. Note: U have to go astern when unberthing the boat.

When unberthing check, look in front and back constantly at the same time control the steering with slow little turns and use minimum speed. *Remember to check blindspot!

Unberthing No 2 boat.

Explain to your lookout/assistant. a) Let go the stern line first b) then let go the forward line, beam line c) come into the boat d) use both hands and placed them at the edge of the jetty, and give a push so that the stern opens out to starboard.

***The lookout/assistant must understand and do it correctly or else U are going to hit the front or back boat and u will fail the test immediately.

(Remember if your lookout/assistant perform anything wrong from your command, U will fail and not your lookout/assistant will fail.)

Once the stern is clear from the No3 boat, set the engines to reverse (astern) with minimum speed, and control the steering wheel to bring the stern completely clear from No 3 boat.

If the water is pushing the boat inwards towards shore, increase the speed slowly so that the boat maintains an astern movement i.e. the boat must keeping on moving backwards.

Once clear from No 3 boat, slowly go astern and turn the stern beside the wooden fenders, all this while maintaining minimum speed.

Unberthing No 1 boat.

Do the same as above.

Be careful when going astern, check the clearance distance on your starboard side, the stone slipway, and the distance of No 2 boat, try to keep in the boat in the center between the two.

Continue to proceed out astern slowly with minimum speed, checking constantly the clearance until you are clear of No 3 boat and proceed as above.

This is the testing area at the Poly Marina with the Yacht Club Jetties.

Practical Boat Handling:

Keep to the starboard side of the channel (aim the bow of the boat towards the overhead yellow gantry shore crane with 2 leg stand, which is situated at the shipyard, its right ahead of u facing out of the channel)
1. Keep both hands on the steering wheel.
2. Maintain the slowest speed in the marina to observe the no wake regulation, unless the examiners ask u to increase the speed.
3. Going astern, use the steering wheel to control the boat astern direction.
4. When encountering the Wake, reduce speed and steer the boat into the wake so that the boat pitches.
5. Keep clear from any floating objects e.g. plastic, wood etc.


1 thought on “PPCDL Practical Test – Commencement of your Practical Handling – UNBERTHING

  1. Hi! I will be taking my PPCDL practical soon and I was wondering if it is possible for me to contact you regarding the test?

    If you could, please email me.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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